The stars came out on the first day of the NBA playoffs, with Donovan Mitchell scoring 32 points to lead the Jazz to a 99-93 win in Dallas, Carl-Anthony Towns 29 points and 13 boards to the Timberwolves. 1 lost in Memphis, 130-117, then Theresa Maxi scored 38 points for 76th and Jordan Bull scored 30 points for Golden State in the Raptors and Nuggets defeats respectively.

Wait a minute ের Theresy Maxi and Jordan Paul?

In last year’s play-offs, there were 106 times 30-point performances, with Giannis Antetokonmu leading the way with 13 players, but a total of 27 players from Devin Booker and Kevin Durant to Dillon Brooks and Terrence Man. Sometimes you think it is, sometimes it is not.

Maxi has played 33 points this season, and he was against the Raptors. It was in November, long before James Harden arrived in Philadelphia and was out of the squad with Joel MBD. Both played Saturday, and both contributed – Harden with 14 assists, MBD with 15 boards – but Maxi combined for 11 for 32, compared to 21 for 21. The Raptors must win the game in a series where neither Embiid nor Harden can score 25 points. They didn’t because of Maxi.

For Paul, he has scored 30 or more points in 10 games this season, averaging 18.5 per night, but when you get the Golden State in the playoffs, you think of the Splash Brothers. Clay Thompson from downtown had 19 points from 10 shots, but Steve Curry was 5 for 13, scoring 16 points off the bench on his way back from a crooked ligament.

However, like the Raptors, the Nuggets either have to win the game or have the slightest point in the series because Curry scores only 16 points. Instead, Paul beat Denver, and although Nicola Jokic had 25 points, 10 rebounds and six assists, Denver lost three playoffs for the second time, with top MVP records as good or good.

Another Curry, Seth, started the play-off with the net on Sunday. Even if he’s 30 after Steve didn’t, and neither Durant nor Carrie Irving did… even if Seth has a pair of 30 in last year’s playoffs, there’s something.

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