With donations of tables, books, shelves, chairs and teaching material, through the Research Group, the adaptation of this space was carried out. reading at the Zalemaku Sertuga District Ethno-educational Institution located in the Wiwa Gotsezhy village.

The rector of the school also participated in the adequacy of the library Ari Javier Ramírez Brito and Mr. José Gregorio Mujica Gil, teacher of the institution and graduate of the Bachelor’s Program in basic education with an emphasis on Humanities – Spanish Language of the Alma Mater.

“It will serve as support and promotion of reading, we are very grateful to the Universidad del Magdalena that has supported us for the management, endowment and restructuring of this library”, assured José Mujica.

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Today the Wiwa library project has a volume of more than 1,000 books and continuity is being worked on of its adequacy to strengthen a reading plan:

“Renew some books, implement some processes today that the University has doctorates and master’s degrees along ethnic lines that are so important, then they are very vital spaces to enrich us all by using the resourceSilva Vallejo explained.

Through this project, the Universidad del Magdalena ensures the dissemination and transfer of scientific knowledge, technological, artistic and cultural and its appropriation in the communities for the creation of social value.