Mistakes During the Summer That Can Cause Smartphone Explosion : The most important thing to people in today’s world is their smartphone. But we are not aware of the importance of caring for this very important object. We don’t think that the beloved instrument can become deadly. Although very rare, sometimes the news of a mobile explosion is heard. Recently, another OnePlus Nord 2 5G smartphone exploded. The Realm X phone exploded last December. Earlier, the company was forced to shut down the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after the crash. So it is important to be aware.

There are many reasons why smartphones get hot. If the phone gets too hot, it can explode a lot of the time. The phone may overheat due to various reasons like battery condition, phone temperature etc. In a hot country like India, the phone can get hotter in summer. So a little more care is needed this time.

1. Leaving in the sun:

He needs to keep his phone away from sunlight to protect his phone from getting hot in summer. Because sunlight can make the phone too hot. The phone can not be kept in direct sunlight for a long time. In addition, try to keep it in a cool place as much as possible. No, no, don’t refrigerate it again!

2. Using the wrong charger –

You need to use an authentic and certified charger to protect your phone from overheating. This is because using a less expensive charger can damage the phone’s battery. If the battery of the phone is bad then the phone gets hot very quickly. For this, the phone should be charged with the charger available with the phone. Phone charges should not be paid by purchasing low priced chargers from the market. Always charge the phone with an authentic and certified charger.

3. Using a damaged phone –

If the body of the smartphone is damaged for any reason, that phone should not be used. Because this type of phone can bring danger. This type of phone is also at risk from wireless chargers. Physically damaged phones can be short-circuited. This is because the type of coil in this type of wireless charger is on the back panel.

4. Paying extra time on the phone-

Always keep in mind that the smartphone should never be overcharged. When the phone is fully charged, it needs to be unplugged.

5. Running multiple apps on the phone at once-

Smartphones have some features that increase battery usage. If they are on for a long time at the same time, the phone may get hot. Such as:

Turn on location service and Bluetooth: Location service and Bluetooth should not be turned on simultaneously on your phone. Because it increases the pressure on the phone unnecessarily. This causes the phone to overheat.

Screen Brightness – You should not increase the screen brightness of your phone unnecessarily. As a result, the phone gets hot.

Unused Apps – Do n’t download too many apps unnecessarily on your phone. Unnecessarily downloading many apps on the phone increases the pressure on the battery and the phone.