Apple’s Self Service Repair: Apple on Wednesday announced a self-repair program for their iPhone. Apple has announced that the benefits of this self-repair program will be available on several iPhone models from this time. Through this, users will be able to change the parts of their iPhone themselves. According to Apple, these phones are iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and the latest model of iPhone, iPhone SE.

However, Apple’s self-repairing program will not be launched in India now. Apple’s self-repair program has been launched for iPhone users in the United States. It is learned that Apple’s self-repair program will be launched in other countries very soon. Apple’s self-repair program could be launched in Europe later this year. Apple’s self-repair program is also available on M1-powered Macs in addition to the iPhone. However, it will be launched later this year.

In this self repair program customers can rent different types of tool kits and parts. It is known that if one wants to rent all these tool kits and parts through Apple’s self-repair program, he has to pay around  49 for one week, which is about 42.18 USD. It is learned that such tools can also be found in self-service repair stores. In addition, different types of tool kits will be sent to the home address of the customers.

Apple has said that Apple’s self-repair program will charge the same price as Apple’s various parts at other authorized repair centers. Apple has said that customers will receive special benefits if they pay to recycle replaced parts.

Take a look at how Apple’s self-repair program works –

According to Apple, customers need to take a good look at the self-service repair page before ordering any parts through this self-repair program. If they think they can install the parts themselves, then they need to order.