Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Rostov region

On the territory of the Don region, police officers, together with representatives of related departments, are constantly carrying out operational and preventive measures aimed at identifying illegal poppy and hemp crops, identifying and detaining drug dealers, and destroying wild-growing narcotic plants.

As part of the operational-preventive operation “Poppy-2022”, the police, together with colleagues from the regional Border Directorate of the FSB and the Cossack squad, conducted a raid on the city of Azov, at the entrance of which they found pockets of wild-growing hemp.

During the operation, more than 13,000 bushes of wild hemp were eliminated on a plot of land with an area of ​​more than one hectare.

If you know anything about facts related to crimes in the field of drug trafficking, report it anonymously by phone 8 (863) 249-34-44 or at [email protected].