Photo: TNT channel

There will be two main characters in the new series: together with Boris Dergachev, Marina Vasilyeva tells life stories.

What the generation of 30-year-olds lives, what they laugh at and cry about, TNT viewers will be told by the original START series “In Short”, which will be aired on August 8 with the second season. Each episode is a set of comedy sketches about life situations that an ordinary 30-year-old guy faces: girls, work, friends, household trifles, problems of a universal scale and much, much more. The main role is played by Boris Dergachev, and in the second season, Marina Vasilyeva will tell her story with him, with whom a female look will be added to the series.

While the main character (Boris Dergachev) is trying to build a relationship with a girl whom he thinks he truly loves, Lena (Marina Vasilyeva) struggles with complexes, meets guys and is looking for “the one”. They are both on the verge of a new life stage called “serious relationships” and are looking for answers to eternal questions: how to live, how not to go crazy at work, how to make friends, how to find a soul mate and a common language with parents.

In addition to Boris Dergachev and Marina Vasilyeva, Alexander Yakin (“Happy Together”), Daria Gomez (“Major”, “Sisters”), Alexander Kuzenkina (“How I Became Russian”, “Nefootball”), Marina Bogatova (“ Poor people”, “Method”) and others.

The creators of the comedies War of Families and The Faberge Egg worked on the series, the project was directed by Ilya Farfel. Creative producers – Stanislav Gunko, Yuri Miroshnichenko and Alexander Zavgorodniy. They spoke about the everyday problems of girls and boys subtly, funny, ironically, frankly and honestly, placing the same emphasis on both male and female storylines. It was produced by Yellow, Black & White.

Watch the second season of the series “In Short” on TNT – from August 8 at 20:00.