The mobile has become man’s best friend in recent years. Users often carry this device in their bag, pants pocket, or hand, but unfortunately, there are times when they can’t find it.

In this situation, there are tools for iOS and Android that facilitate your search.

Find your iOS mobile

People who have an iPhone will be able to use ‘Find My iPhone’ , in addition, the platform is installed on the device.

This system works from iCloud , therefore, those interested must access via browser on the computer or from another iOS device . Thanks to this tool, you can remotely lock your phone , wipe data and write a message on the emergency screen. 

Find your Android mobile

Those affected have to install the ‘Find My Device’ app . Google developed this platform, also, if users have more than one device with a single account, the location of each one will appear.

If by chance the mobile has been lost, they will have to access the browser to enter the Google account in Find My Device , thus, the location of the phone will appear on a map.

With this app you can also lock your smartphone , put a message on the lock screen, delete information, activate a sound to play and reset the PIN code remotely.