How to pay with the mobile? In an increasingly busy world, where people are always chased by time. And, consequently, the possibility that every minute saved means a minute used for another situation.

This reduces our lives in the amount of time spent on activities, events and situations. That is why, when we have a very busy day, the need arises to save as much time as possible.

In this way, we do not have enough time to go to the bank and make cash withdrawals from there . Or consequently, go to an ATM to do the same, which, sometimes, would mean deviating from our route several blocks.

Or if, on the contrary, we are in a commercial establishment, where we want to buy something and we do not have cash at that moment. Otherwise, we may have left our wallets at home with our cards.

Motivated by all this, and by the palpable fact that we live in a digitized world, where our practically permanent companion is our mobile . And consequently, with it we practically have a social life associated with it.

It would also not be ideal for the transactions, payments and cancellations of things and services that we want to enjoy. They are made by simply pressing a key on our mobile . Next, we will tell you how to pay with your mobile and how to enjoy the different services designed for this purpose.

Start paying with your mobile from now 

There are two main ways to pay with your mobile . The main one of these basically consists of making payments in the different shops using the mobile phone as if it were a card.

That is, as if it were a substitute for our credit or debit card, depending on the case. In this way, the main requirement for this is that our chip and the merchant’s sales system can establish communication and be paired.

That is, the link between the NFC feature of our mobile and the POS of the store where we will make our purchases.

Another way to make payments from our mobile is through applications designed for this purpose. In this way we will show you some of those applications so that you can decide which of them will meet your expectations in the future.

How to pay with the mobile with the Gpay application?

This application, instituted by Google, is emerging as an alternative when making your payments from the practicality of your mobile . In this way, it is configured as a method to pay in stores or services from the comfort of your cell phone. Once, of course, it has aligned your card with the application.

The application tries to maintain, among other things, the maximum security of your card data . With it you can, as has been said before, make payments from your mobile or your computer safely.

And not only can you pay with your mobile or computer, but also with any other Android system with NFC features . Like for example a smartwatch. Similarly, you can also make purchases at the official Google store, online.

So well, and although its primary purpose was to pay for mobile devices , the service has grown over time. Because, at this time you can also send money to family and friends , add company cards, boarding cards and many others.

The essential requirement for the operation of this application is the NFC feature of the chip . Its way of acting is fundamentally the same as the mobile type cards, only the affinity with the receiver is needed.

For the security of transactions , this application is made through a technological system. Thus, this system is basically in charge of creating a disposable and unique password for each operation, interacting directly with the bank.

This is done every time you make a transaction or payment. Consequently, once performed, it is discarded, and a different one is created again when another transaction will be performed , and so on.

In this way, not only is your bank account associated with the application protected. If not also all the personal data subscribed in it.

The form of configuration by computer is through the official page of the application . However, you will not be able to access mobile payments or cancellations but strictly those made by the application or the page.

There you can see the balance you have, the cards attached to the application and the payment cards. So, you must fill in the data associated with the card, such as the number, date, among others.

But this type of method will only work for you, as indicated before, for payments on the application page and not for mobile payments.

For mobile payments, it is necessary to install the application on your mobile . Consequently, you must access the different conditions and terms that the application requires. Similarly, the usual secrecy or privacy policies, and for this the page will show links so you can read them calmly.

If you previously aligned your card through the official page, using your computer, it will be reflected in the list there when you access the section or payment unit.

However, you must configure the contactless payment system to complete the requirement and start using the system. Since your stored card may not be compatible with the mobile application .

However, if you want to configure a new card, just press the Payment section and perform the pertinent scan of it and fill in its respective data.

Also, it is necessary to add that none of this will work, if you do not have activated or do not have the NFC feature of the chip.

How to pay with the mobile with the Apple Pay application?

The mobile company, whose logo is the well-known apple, offers another alternative to the previous forms of payment . In this way, it is not far behind when it comes to offering its own system of how to pay with the mobile .

The system is similar to the previous ones, with the need to use the official Apple Wallet application . And in this way, to be able to align the Apple Pay on your respective iPhone or iPad mobile . Consequently, the respective storage of your cards will be carried out.

Thus, they could be credit cards and debit cards where the respective data will be extracted. In this way, and once the operation has been authenticated, payments for goods and services can be made.

For setup, you need to open the Wallet feature on your iPhone mobile . If, on the other hand, you have an iPad device, you must go to the configuration, then to the wallet section, and finally Apple Pay. 

There you must use the add option, and then register your card , be it this credit card or debit card. Later, you must use the continue option.

Use bank card on mobile phone

Likewise, and in general, you will have to use the camera of your mobile to take the information of your cards and complete some other necessary information required by the application for its correct use.

Once this action is taken, the bank will verify the information, with the possibility, in general, of supplying additional verifications. Consequently, the need may arise to make a call to a banking entity or for it to send a code by messaging .

In this way, the procedure varies according to the policies of each bank, and once the card is verified you can start using the application and in this way you will know how to pay with your mobile .

How to pay with the mobile with the Samsung Pay application?

The mobile company Samsung offers an option to the Google Pay system, and is content with Galaxy online with an independent payment system. Well, this system uses the same NFC feature of the chip. Next, we will tell you how to pay with the Samsung mobile.

In this way, it is necessary to carry out the corresponding download of the application on a compatible mobile for it. Consequently, proceed to the respective installation on your mobile , and carry out the registration and proper configuration of the corresponding account or compatible card. 

In this way, when using your mobile to make payments and sliding its lock screen, near the receiving mechanism, the application will run automatically, showing the associated accounts and cards together with a notification to certify the payment with the respective PIN. , iris scan or fingerprint.

If, on the other hand, it is necessary to use a different card, the rest of those associated with the system will be displayed on the sides of the screen. In this way, and once the execution of the purchase has been authorized, it would be enough to try and that’s it.

If, in the opposite case, we use a smartwatch, by keeping the back button pressed, the card that was used in the last transaction will be displayed and once the pay option has been pressed , it would be enough to bring the watch closer to the payment receiving system and it will be accomplished.

How to pay with the mobile with the Twip application?

Created by the ING banking entity as a different and competitive option, this system allows you to send money between people , as well as make payments with your respective mobile by using the NFC feature of the chip.

However, the system does not charge commissions for its use, which is a strong point, as well as there is no minimum purchase. However, you must have a bank account to be able to enjoy this service.

Additionally, to this, and another fundamental requirement, lies in the fact that the respective business where we will carry out the operation, of withdrawing money, is attached to the system, otherwise no transaction can be carried out .

To carry out these operations we only have to go to the commercial establishment affiliated with the bank. Consequently and once there, we make the selection from the application of the amount of money we want to withdraw.

Consecutively, the application will issue us a special code that we must show in the box the code that the application has generated for the transaction .

Consequently, the operation will only be subject to the availability of the establishment’s box at that time. As well as, the daily limit of operations, which ranges between 20 euros to 150 euros per transaction . Additionally, to this, the monthly limit for cash withdrawal is 1000 euros.

In this way, another of the limitations when carrying out operations with this application is the necessity of making a purchase in the commercial establishment where we will withdraw the cash .


It is configured as a method for sending and receiving money between people . That is to say, an alternative and different form to the classic bank-type transfers. In this way, it alternates with other sending and receiving systems, since it has the quality of being immediate, regardless of the bank you use for that purpose.

The peculiarity of this system is that it is not necessary to download any additional application to use it. Therefore, this system is integrated directly into the applications of each of the affiliated banks.

Thus, the requirement for the use of this system, with regard to the remittance of money and its subsequent receipt, is that both parties are registered in it. All this, through their respective banks and that these are compatible with the system, with a limitation that ranges from €0.50 to €150, depending on the bank.

You can also cancel purchases online by indicating your mobile number at the store and performing the corresponding validation of the transaction . However, the disadvantage of this system is that it can only be attached to a single bank account, and, therefore, it would only have one telephone number for that account.

In the same way, with regard to changes in associated accounts, when it comes to the same bank, the change is immediate. But if, on the contrary, it is a different bank, you will have to delete the old account to be able to add the new one from the other bank.