Do you want to know how to transfer photos from your mobile to your computer quickly and easily? Here you will find out.

The human being has an obsession with immortality, either consciously or unconsciously. In this way, people want to transcend time and space so as not to feel as mortal as we really are. Consequently, we try to immortalize moments, places, people and situations.

So well, these moments are captured in our brain, in our mind, and become memories. However, our brain deteriorates over time, and these memories are erased as a natural mechanism of the organism.

In this way, our brain retains the most valuable or necessary information. That is, what is essential and useful, and discards what in his opinion would be irrelevant, all as a natural survival mechanism.

Now, many of our memories are lost over the years, and those moments are lost forever. That is why in our eagerness to keep alive the moments in which at some point we were happy or caused us pain. And, therefore, to protect them from the unstoppable passing of time, we turn to photographs.

transfer photos from mobile to pc

A photo was an image embodied on a special paper for it. That is, a technique developed over the years that captures the reflection of light on a given object and converts it into a lasting image. !But times have changed!

Now, this is the classic technique of photography, in the modern times in which we live, digitized images are used.  

In the same order of ideas, it is necessary to say that, in principle, only a small number of people could take photographs. Because, it was a dangerous technique that not everyone could understand and perform.

This technique in its early days came to claim human lives. Because magnesium powder and potassium chlorate were used for lighting. In this way, said mixture was extremely volatile and, therefore, caused burns to many photographers, some of them with fatal outcomes.

Subsequently, the zirconium contained in lamps that were discarded when used was used. Similarly, and further into modern times, a gas contained in tubes called xenon was used. Similarly, and later, LEDs were used to replace xenon and thus make flashes more efficient and economical .

How to transfer photos from mobile to computer?

First of all, you must have a USB cable that has the ability to drag files , it is usually the same cable that you use to charge your mobile . Also, you must have your mobile turned on and unlocked, otherwise your computer will not be able to locate your mobile and you will not be doing anything.

There are several essential methods to transfer photos from mobile to computer , below, we will mention the most used one and you will know how to transfer photos from mobile to computer .

If your mobile is Android

If your mobile is Android, a notification will appear on the screen instructing you to press. Thus, once the notification is pressed, a series of options will open that, to your liking, you can explore and learn about.

Consequently, it should be added that the options menu will vary depending on the brand and model of the mobile 

In this way, one of these options is to transfer files, once you have pressed that option. In this way, you must go to your computer , you must press the Windows start key on your keyboard or through the mouse on your computer screen in the PC application.

Once this action is done, you will be able to access the different file folders of your mobile . Also, it is necessary to note that your photos will usually be in a folder called DCIM , but this does not mean that all your photos will be there.

Consecutively, you must enter the photos section to open said application. Then you need to import the photos from the connected device and follow the steps below.

Consequently, there will also be folders where photos downloaded from your different social networks will be. That is why not all of them will be at hand in that folder , and if you are looking for a specific photo that is not there, you will have to arm yourself with patience and search in the different file folders until you find it. 

Once you have found the photo or photos that you want to transfer to your computer , simply copy or cut them and place them in the folder on your computer that you want, so you will know how to transfer photos from mobile to computer .

If your mobile is iOS

In case you have an iOS mobile , the way to act is practically the same, but with less complication. So, first of all, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer .

In this case, you must get hold of your charging or Lightning cable, and when you do THIS, a warning will appear in the Windows 10 operating system. In this way, said notification will indicate that your iPhone mobile has been detected .

Once this notification appears, you must click on it, so that they are opened accordingly. So, once this action is done, you must make the decision of what you want to do with the device.

Now, once the above has been done, a small window will appear on your computer screen . In this way, you will be presented with a number of options to consider.

One of those options is to open your device, so you can access your files and explore them directly on your mobile .

Taking into account that this type of mobile does not have the option of inserting secondary collection cards. And consequently, once you open the option to inspect files you will only be presented with a single option.

Therefore, the option presented is the internal collection of your mobile . Once there, you will need to access the folder named DCIM. Well, this is the folder where the photos are usually saved , as it happens and is also done in the Android system.  

Once there, you will be presented with a series of subfolders where you can access those photos taken directly with your mobile . Also, you can have access to the photos downloaded from your different social networks or even from your cloud.

Once there, you will be able to select the photos you want and you will have knowledge of how to transfer photos from mobile to computer .

Other applications that will help you transfer photos from mobile to computer

In addition to the classic file transfer system , there are applications developed by companies that aim to revolutionize said classic system. Well, all of them are intended to transfer photos from mobile to computer. 

Consequently, for these developers, the idea that such transfers are made without calamities. That is, without the need to be a slave to a USB cable connection.

via bluetooth

The use of this system is practically obsolete, due to how slow and tedious it was to transfer photographic, text and other files . Also, it was almost impossible to send a large file because this task became practically eternal.

Consequently, and faced with these problems, people have always chosen to do it the traditional way or by cable. Although it is true that this option is in disuse , it is no less true that it is worth having it at hand. This is fine, in case the other systems have failed.

Now, if your computer has the ability to pair Bluetooth, you won’t be dependent on other applications or as mentioned above, cables.

In this case, you need to be more dynamic, because you should send the file from your mobile and its reception on your computer should be accepted . For this system, in principle, you must send the desired file, of course, from your mobile .

Consequently, once this action has been carried out and once the share command has been executed, the only thing left is for the computer to be able to accept it . Also, your Windows operating system must be previously configured and eligible for support.

In this way, pressing the Bluetooth drawing in the area intended for notifications and choosing the file reception option from among the options.

By Windows “your phone” application 

This app was introduced by the Windows 10 operating system . In this way, and to use this application, it must first be downloaded from the Google Play Store . 

So good, and once installed, you must proceed to update it. Once you have completed the previous step, you must proceed to open it. Now, once opened, we will indicate the steps to follow.

  • You must start the respective session using your Microsoft account, you must do the same on your computer so that you can proceed.
  • Start in the application on your respective computer and make the selection of your mobile . Both devices must be recognized, if it does not work, you must perform the respective scan of the QR code.
  • Subsequently, you must execute the allow action that is indicated in the respective notification.
  • Run the box that asks if the application has been correctly installed and then open it.
  • Done, now you can enjoy the advantages of this application and you will know how to transfer photos from mobile to computer .

By “airDroid” app 

An old application that for many was considered a very valid alternative when it comes to accessing the internal files of your mobile . In this way, you can enter the storage of your mobile through your computer without any great problem.

  • The first thing you should do is download the application on your respective mobile and then run it.
  • You must make a user account registration so that, in this way, the synchronization between your computer and your mobile is easier.
  • Later, the application will indicate the characteristics that your mobile must have in order to operate correctly and the necessary permissions.
  • Grant the permissions requested by the application and once granted.
  • You must go to the web page of the application using your computer with which you want to harmonize your mobile .
  • If you do not have the user registration you must scan the QR code.
  • Once the link is established, the respective confirmation will be made and you will have access to the different properties of your mobile using your computer .

Through the Telegram application

A very different application to WhatsApp. Motivated that it is not necessary to link your computer with the mobile . Consequently, it is a completely independent operation. In the same way, once the session is started, it will be used even if your mobile is not nearby or turned off.

Also, this application can be run on several devices at the same time and everything written on your computer will be displayed on your mobile . Consequently, it will be displayed immediately, even inversely. 

On the computer you can basically carry out the same actions as on your mobile , since the options are linked. You won’t be able to access the multi-account feature and private type messages, but otherwise you’ll be able to do everything.

Likewise, and thanks to its ability to be used on multiple devices independently and at the same time. Consequently, you can use it as a personal storage system, being able to send photos, documents and many more.

Through the WhatsApp application 

The computer version of the popular messaging application is called WhatsApp Desktop. Consequently, it is an independent version of the mobile , with this system you do not need to have your mobile active to use it on the computer .

In essence, it would be the same as the WhatsApp Web version, it even has the same appearance and the same functionalities , and its behavior is generally the same. But on the contrary, it is a mobile -independent tool .

At first you must download the application. Also, once installed you must proceed to open it and perform the respective scan of the QR code , to perform the respective link.

When performing this action, the application is paired between your computer and your mobile , for which you should not disconnect and keep both on the same network. In this way, and once you have completed the steps, you will be able to access all the features of the mobile version of this application.