More cult films! More meetings, more real connoisseurs of cinema – cinephiles, connoisseurs and film lovers! The cinema club in the Monitor presents screenings of cult films! On August 31, the MONITOR on Red Square cinema in Krasnodar will host a special screening of the crime thriller The Place Beyond the Pines, starring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. The audience is waiting for a discussion of the film with a film critic.

In 2014, the tape became a nominee for the American film award “Saturn”.

“Brilliant, outstanding picture! A cinematic achievement that cuts to the core of things,” notes

“A rich, meaningful tale of fatalism and honor,” writes of the feed.

“A serious, good movie,” rated the film.

The film is re-released in September. In Krasnodar, the start of the rental will give special screening with film critic Alexey Dvoeglazov at the MONITOR cinema on Red Square.

According to the plot of the picture, professional motorcycle racer Luke (Gosling) is forced to rob banks in order to support his newborn son. A collision with a policeman (Cooper) leads to a tragic denouement, but many years later the story continues because of the grown-up son Luke, who finds himself in the same class as the son of his father’s killer…


Derek Cienfrance is an American film director and screenwriter. The films “The Place Beyond the Pines”, “Valentine”, “The Light in the Ocean”, as well as the mini-series “I Know It’s True” brought him worldwide fame. His film The Place Beyond the Pines made $35,485,608 worldwide.

Ryan Gosling is a Canadian actor, producer and director. Winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in the musical La La Land. According to director Derek Cienfrance, he met Ryan Gosling at his agent’s house in 2007 while working on Valentine (2010). He asked Gosling, “Is there anything in your life that you haven’t done yet but would like to try?” To which Gosling replied that he had always wanted to rob a bank. Cienfrance asked him how he would rob a bank, and Gosling described robbing a motorcycle because he was fast and mobile, and the helmet would help hide his identity. He said that after the robbery, he would have left the motorcycle in the back of the truck so that the police would not find him. Cienfrance told him that he was actually writing a bank robbery script in this way, and he felt that Gosling should play the part.

Bradley Cooper – American actor, producer, director. He played roles in more than 70 films. Derek Cienfrance has stated that he would not have made The Place Beyond the Pines without Bradley Cooper as Cross. He spent 5 hours on the road to Toronto to personally meet with Cooper and convince him to accept the role. Cienfrance said he wrote the part specifically for Cooper, “a guy who flaunts like a hero but feels rotten on the inside.”