Employees of the bailiffs department for the Krylovsky and Pavlovsky districts enforced the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Krasnodar Territory against a private company that used someone else’s trademark in the production of carbonated drinks.

As part of the enforcement proceedings to recover the amount of compensation for violation of exclusive rights to a trademark, the bailiffs collected 1 million 35 thousand rubles from the legal entity. in favor of the copyright holder.

Bailiff Tatyana Gorbunova went to the warehouse of a private company on the day the enforcement proceedings were initiated. She examined all the premises, drew up an act stating that there was no more drink under a foreign brand on the territory of the enterprise.

The bailiff explained to the director of the organization that if the amount indicated in the court decision is not transferred voluntarily within the period established by law, a performance fee will also have to be paid. The debt was soon paid off.