iPhone 14 Selfie Camera: Recently, various information related to iPhone 14 (iPhone 14) has been leaked. From this it is understood that big news is coming for selfie lovers. Apple’s new iPhone 14 series will also launch the iPhone 14 Max (iPhone 14 Max).

It is thought that this year’s Pro models may come with a major upgrade of the camera sensor. Not only that, the selfie camera of Apple iPhone may also be upgraded. In fact, in the last few years, Apple has not brought any upgrade to the iPhone’s selfie camera. It is even said that Apple iPhone will surpass Samsung’s flagship models in terms of selfie cameras.

Popular Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo claims that there could be two new upgrades to the iPhone 14’s front camera this year. In the past, Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions about the features of Apple’s various devices have come true. Speaking about the iPhone 14 this year, the front camera of this upcoming iPhone will have a new lens with a large f / 1.9 aperture. Not only this, with the help of autofocus you can do the same with the primary rear camera. And this upgrade will be available on all iPhone 14 series phones.

And in the case of the front camera, when this big upgrade comes, selfie lovers will benefit the most. Because the front camera of this phone has a large aperture lens, it will take great pictures even in low light. And since the front camera of this phone also has autofocus facility, background blurring or depth of field effect will be great. Not only this, with the help of this effect video calls will also be available. However, Kuo did not say whether Apple is offering high-resolution image sensors on the front camera at all.

Currently, the iPhone 13 series phones have the best selfie camera. However, here too, the rival company Samsung has overtaken Apple. Because Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S22 Ultra has a high resolution selfie camera. Samsung has even been offering autofocus technology on the front camera of the Galaxy S for many years. As a result, great background blurring effect comes in the selfie of that phone.

Let’s see how Apple surpasses rival Samsung by adding this feature to iPhone 14 series phones!