A monthly payment is due to non-working able-bodied citizens caring for a child with a disability under the age of 18 or a disabled person from childhood of group I. The payment amount is 10,000 rubles per month. This support measure is provided together with the pension of a disabled child, said State Duma deputy Svetlana Bessarab.

You can apply for a payment remotely, through the PFR Personal Account. Also, citizens can personally apply to the Pension Fund branch, or send an application by mail. The payment is set to one unemployed person for each child with a disability.

“At the same time, the period of care is counted to the parents in the insurance period. For each full year of such care, an able-bodied person is credited with pension coefficients of 1.8. The amount of future parental pensions and other social benefits will depend on the number of accumulated coefficients. Other persons can also take care of disabled children, however, in this case, the amount of the payment will be only 1,200 rubles per month, ”commented Deputy of the State Duma Svetlana Bessarab.