Gone are the days of remembering passwords. Google, Apple and Microsoft users will no longer need to bother remembering passwords. May 5 was International Password Day. On the same day, Google, Apple and Microsoft announced the introduction of passwordless sign-in system. The world’s top three tech giants will launch this technology in 2023.

The tech giants claim that the world is not too far to enter the age of passwords. Research on this technology has been going on for over a decade. Users will no longer have to worry about complex passwords when logging in to apps or websites.

When this technology is turned on, you will not need a password to login to apps or websites from your mobile or desktop.

With the launch of the passwordless sign-in system, Google, Apple and Microsoft customers as well as Facebook and Instagram users will bring this facility. That being said, this technology will make social media more secure, hacking-free.

Those who will use this technology through the phone will have the authentication device in their hand phone. However, the passwordless sign-in system can only be turned on if the user wishes to do so.

There is a condition if you want to use this feature. And that is the phone must be locked. That means there must be pattern, pin, fingerprint or face authentication

Passwordless This technology is called pass-key. Which is created through a unique cryptographic token system. IOS, Windows, CremeS, Cram Browser, Edge, Safari and MacOS users will all get this benefit.