Photo: NTV channel

The NTV channel has completed filming the action-packed detective story The Praetorian. The multi-part film was filmed according to the script of the famous St. Petersburg writer and journalist Andrei Konstantinov and tells about the National Guardsman Andrei Polevoy, whose role was played by theater and film actor Andrei Frolov.

Unexpected career changes lead the protagonist to his native Vyborg, where in just a few days his life changes dramatically. Polevoi catches werewolves in uniform by the hand, overtakes an elusive criminal and even prevents an international scandal. At the same time, he becomes the hero of not only a detective, but also a gossip column, and his entire path to the triumph of justice is accompanied by a large amount of attention from the female sex. Polevoy is one of those people who change the world around them not only on duty: faced with a choice, he can sacrifice the letter of the law for the sake of the code of honor.

“This is a very true and honest story about a man with a difficult attitude to life. He has his own cockroaches, foundations and understanding of everything that happens. As an artist, I immediately became interested in this role. I wanted to be in the shoes of just such a character, who, as the director of our project Maxim Brius said, “is a man on an ice floe, living according to the principle “I fight because I fight,” Andrey Frolov, the lead actor, shares.

Filming took place in the Leningrad region and Vyborg.