Audio streaming platform Spotify has announced the closure of streaming services in Russia. The Swedish company made the decision in response to Russia’s new media law.

Earlier this month, Spotify closed its office in Russia indefinitely. The platform cited Moscow’s “unprovoked attack” on Ukraine as the reason.

Russia’s new law bans any report that could “disrespect” the actions of Russia’s military.

“Spotify believes that it is very important for us to keep our service in Russia to provide credible, independent news and information in the region,” the streaming platform said in a statement.

Unfortunately, the recent enactment of the law further threatens the safety of Spotify staff, and even the safety of our listeners, as it further restricts the collection of information, deprives them of their freedom of speech and is considered a specific news crime.”

Spotify will shut down services in Russia in early April, Reuters quoted sources as saying.

Streaming platform Netflix shut down services in Russia earlier this month. According to the platform, the Russian government has no plans to broadcast content on the country’s state-owned channel in response to demands.

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