Google Pixel self-repair: Good news for Google smartphone users. Because their biggest problem is going to be solved. Google has come up with a self-repair option for their phone users. Those who use Google Pixel smartphones will be able to fix their phones at home using this selfie repair option. The damaged part of the Google Pixel phone can be fixed at home. From now on, the parts of that phone can be found sitting at home. Then you can install it yourself on Google Pixel phone. Google has said that everything from their phone batteries, cameras, screens, etc. will be sent to users’ home addresses. But Google has not yet launched this program in India. Google’s program has been launched in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and some European countries.

Google recently launched their self-repair program. Through this, users will be given a repair kit along with various parts of Google Pixel phone. Which will have different types of tools. At the same time there will be a training kit in that box. This will let you know how to set it on the Google Pixel phone. Now let’s see when Google launches this program in India.

Although Google has launched their new free repair program, there is no word on how much it will cost. So it is not yet possible to say that it will not cost much money to bring home the parts of Google Pixel phone and fix it, it will cost more money to buy a new phone.

Google’s rival Samsung recently launched a similar feature for its users. For this, Samsung has signed an agreement with iFix-It. Samsung will also send battery displays and various phone parts to their users’ homes. If any user of Samsung phone wants to exchange the damaged parts of his phone, then Samsung will send the new parts and take back the lost parts. Now Google has launched the same feature!