iPhone 13 Tips: In the age of the Internet, we can easily gather so much information that the mountain of evidence they are sitting on the chest. That is, inside the phone’s storage system. I don’t remember to take pictures after pictures and delete them. Also, do you know that in case of iPhone 13, even if the data is deleted once, it can be stored! In that case, if the phone is ever changed, the data can also be changed and the problem may occur. So it is important to delete the data permanently. In the case of iPhone 13, this deletion is possible in two ways. It can be deleted directly from iPhone, it is very easy. But the best way is to delete data using Mac and Windows PC. It is possible to do this in a few specific steps. However, this method will be useful not only for iPhone 13, but also for iPhone 12.

How to permanently delete iPhone storage data using Mac and Windows computers –

Step 1 – First open the MacBook or Windows laptop and go to Finder Sidebar.

Step 2 – Then select your iPhone. Click on the General button at the top of the window. Then you have to click on the Restore iPhone option.

Step 3 – Those who use Windows Computer need to use iTunes app. You have to click on the iPhone button at the top left of that app.

Step 4 – Then click on Summary option. Then click on Restore iPhone.

Take a look at how to delete data directly from iPhone –

Step 1 – First you have to open your iPhone and go to the setting option.

Step 2 – Then go to General section and click on Transfer or Reset iPhone option.

Step 3 – Then select Erase All Content and Setting. Then you have to give the passcode of your phone (with which the phone is set).

Strap 4 – Then a warning message will appear in the message box. Permission will be sought there. Then you have to enter your Apple ID and password. Then you have to confirm to delete all the data on your phone.

Step 5 – After clicking on the Done option, all the data on your iPhone will be deleted.