Your personality can be understood by looking at what color smart phone you are using. Surprisingly, a recent study has raised such issues. There are many of us who see the smart phone as just a device. Choose between white or black. But most people love to choose the color of their choice when buying a smart phone and it reflects the personality of the person. Color psychologist Matthew mentions the results of his research in a blog post where he mentions how a person’s personality is revealed by choosing different colors. For that, he has presented to us the different features of each color.

According to Matthew, if the color of your phone is white, then you are probably a clean person. Those who have a white phone are generally open minded and of high quality. “White is associated with simplicity, which means that the person using the white phone is a person of simple nature.

Many people like the color black. Because it does not get dirty easily. One of the safest colors and almost all smartphones look stylish in black. Matthew says those who choose black have characteristics such as elegance, professionalism, strong demeanor and easy-going attraction.

Many people use blue colored phones. A calm, conservative attitude can be seen in those who normally use blue phones. With that comes the thoughtful nature. One of the characteristics of dark blue users is that they generally possess creative talents.

Red smart phone users are generally bold in nature. Their stubbornness is too much. They do not give up until they succeed. Somewhat emotional mentality can be noticed in them.

Users who use gold colored smartphones have more self-esteem. They are desperate for any honor or respectable position. These types of users become financially prosperous. Their tendency towards luxuries is always high.