Vancouver – On paper, the Vegas Golden Knights were the best team. On the ice, Vancouver was the best player in the Canucks. Also the best goalkeeper.

Elias Peterson’s global evening ended with teammate Quinn Hughes scoring 51 seconds in overtime as the Canucks survived the fall of the third inning to beat the Golden Knights 5-4 in overtime.

The game had major playoff effects on both teams জয় the win allowed the Canucks to maintain their unbeaten run for the Stanley Cup berth এবং and changed the mood of the NHL season in Vancouver.

Canucks beat the Knights 3-1 with Peterson in the second half, a rising star who could play the best hockey game by combining three goals since jumping into the National Hockey League four years ago. But they failed to maintain their two-goal lead in the third inning when Metro Vancouver native Shia Theodore scored twice, with the top scorer having 42 seconds left and a Vegas six skating against five.

But Canucks, who had a four-game losing streak in overtime, beat the Golden Knights 3-2 at Rogers Arena nine days ago, winning them overtime when Vegas goalkeeper Robin Lehner failed to identify the ball after blocking Connor Garland. . Hughes found her at his feet and pushed her away from Lehner before going into the open net.

“Not the word destroyer, but it was definitely frustrating,” Hughes said of his superiority in the third game. “Everyone knows how important the game is. It was sad, but there were no resignations in our group that year. So I guess, from my point of view, the only thing I was worried about was that overtime hadn’t been very good lately. So that was the only thing I was thinking about, trying to make a difference. ”

Hughes ‘turnover was Canucks’ second change to the OT, which was significant because the Golden Knights could not change because Vancouver held on to the ice while acquiring new players. Garland created chances at Lehner by bypassing Theodore and Hughes was not completely confined to the rebound.

“It was really important,” said Hughes, who missed two games last week due to an undisclosed illness without a coronavirus, after scoring his biggest goal of the season as Kanuk. “We know where they are and where we are. It was nice to have him on the slate but at the end of the day we still got two points and that’s what we wanted to do. ”

With a 1-0 win over the Western Conference Wildcards, the Dallas Stars and the Nashville Predators on Tuesday, the Canucks are still six points from the play-off spot, including eight games. But Vancouver dropped within three points of Vegas and moved one point in front of the Winnipeg Jets in a mosh hole.

“It’s clear what we have to do,” Peterson said. “We must still win. We feel good now. We have four in a row. But that doesn’t mean (curved) – I can’t find another word – if we don’t go in that wave and don’t play hockey, it’s good. We are still behind, we are still winning. In matches. We’re just thinking about the next step. ”

One night long injured Knight Mark Stone played his first game since 3 February. 8, a game after Max Pasuritti came back from injury, no one played better than Peterson.

The 23-year-old, recovering from a poor start to the season, set up Vasily Podkolgin with a powerful smack pass that broke the 1-1 tie at 1:27 in the second half. He scored himself at 3:16 when Lehner struggled with a cannon shot from the hole, then let the disc drop over equestrian defender Jack Whitecloud’s skate line.

But Peterson’s best game, one of his best setups of the season, came one-on-one after Michael Amadio’s rotation difference was cut to 3-2. Peterson expected a Vegas pass in the neutral zone to create a crowd outside the court, skating in the shadow of the influential liner before bluffing everyone except a bowler, teammate Brad Richardson, and 4-2.

“The closer I got to the goal, the bigger Lehner seemed, so I was lucky to find Richardson,” Peterson said.

After his season ended last March with a wrist injury, Peterson started the season with just three goals and ten points in his first 22 games. In 26 matches since January, he has scored 15 goals and 35 points and is fully involved in physical form.

Is this the best he has played?

He said yes, maybe. “Maybe it’s my best hockey right now, but I try to give my best in every shift. Be creative and play hard. And of course, I’ve got some points lately, which is great. ”

There were a lot of good canoes on Tuesday.

Captain Bo Harbhat had a goal and a pass. Defender Oliver Ekman-Larson scored 25:50 in ice time and had a plus one. Podcolgen and Alex Chiasson were great again on high turns due to injuries, and GT Miller had only one pass but surpassed Jack Aichel in the head-to-head match.

Goalkeeper Thatcher Demco finished 41 saves and Vancouver saved 45-27.

Since coach Bruce Boudroux first spoke to reporters about his time with the Washington Capitals, the Canucks were 4-0 in 2008, when his team jumped to the final 11-1 in their last 12 games. And for that to happen they have to go at least 7-1 more.

“I think we always thought we could do it,” Hughes said. “I mean, we have eight matches left. It’s exciting. We wanted to stay in it, and it’s hard to stay with the way we started (Season 6-14-2).

“It simply came to our notice then. Still, I’m not saying it’s a long time, but we have a lot of games that we have to win. I say faith is the word. This is what we continue to use. Room. ”

Canucks will play the Arizona Wolf on Thursday.