When our economy is strong, it is usually because the US President has a good job approval rating. Although the country added 431,000 jobs in March and unemployment peaked during the epidemic, at 3.6 percent, Joe Biden’s sympathy for the American people was strong in the 1940s – which is not good.

With the midterm elections expected this fall, many Democrats are wondering what the president and his allies in Congress can do to restore the confidence of the American people. After all, unless President Biden’s vote improves, Democrats are more likely to face serious losses this November, putting the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate back under Republican control.

Relationships: Most Americans say they are behind rising housing costs

One of the possible theories as to why Joe Biden is suffering from such a low rating is the concern that the president, his administration and many Democrats are focusing on issues that are out of touch or wrong. In other words, focus on issues that dominate the progressive elements of the Democratic Party, but with which most people do not agree or simply do not pay much attention.

For example, as the American people struggled with record high gasoline prices, the Secretary of Energy emphasized the importance of $ 5 billion in government investment in filling stations for electric vehicles, often referred to as electric vehicles. Needless to say, over time, EVs will not play a significant role in our efforts to reduce our dependence on oil. Prioritizing homes is not the only way for working Americans to make a living. After all, the average price of a home is about $ 52,000.

If we look at this issue more closely, my organization has conducted a survey of the attitude of the American people towards housing. Unfortunately, it is not surprising that surveys show that most people are struggling with fuel prices at the pump. We found that 91% of respondents were “very worried” or “a little worried” about high gas and oil prices. Unfortunately, 44% of respondents said higher gas prices “make life harder.”

When we ask people how to prioritize congressional spending, the most compelling issues are “ending the childhood famine”, “repairing our roads and bridges,” and “increasing funding for police training and recruitment.” Last place among the respondents: “More funds are being allocated to increase the number of electric vehicles.”

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Here are the main results of the survey:

  • Only 7% of respondents strongly support the addition of “paying extra for people’s electricity bills to finance the construction of filling stations for electric vehicles”.
  • Only 14% of the 1,000 respondents said they were most likely to buy an electric car in the next two years.
  • For those who are unlikely to buy a home for the next two years or more, the main concern is cost
  • The most popular solutions to reduce gas prices are: “suspending state and federal taxes on gas,” “increasing the number of permits for oil and gas drilling,” and the president’s recent decision to remove gasoline from strategic reserves. Only more than half of the respondents were popular
  • However, to combat this high gas price, only 26% of respondents think that “we should try our best to bring more electric cars on the road as soon as possible, including the fact that the federal government subsidizes the cost of cars and car construction. . Charging station infrastructure “

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As Democrats struggle today, the good news is that the American people are not hiding what they consider important and what they consider important. There are many studies that show that strengthening the economy, tackling inflation, epidemics and healthcare spending are the focus of people’s attention.

As the leader of a group that supports politically moderate policies, I urge the Biden administration and the Congressional Democrats to listen to the voters and focus on their priorities. If the Democrats meet the needs of the nation, I think we can both do well in the midterm elections, but more importantly, help our compatriots in this difficult time.

Syndicated with permission from Real Clear Wire.

Hank Notton is a former Massachusetts lawmaker who was president of the American Center Democrats and chairman of the House Committee on Public Security and Homeland Security. .

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