Will Smith has done a practically unprecedented event on the Oscar stage. In addition, he received the Best Actor badge. Meanwhile, comedian Chris Rock, who performed on the Oscar stage, got up on stage to make a funny joke about Smith’s wife and Smith surprised the world by slapping her on the face.

However, Smith did not stop there. Later, while sitting in the seat, the host shouted at Chris to keep his (Smith’s) wife’s name away from all these jokes. Smith’s name has been making headlines ever since. However, the actor later apologized for the incident. However, in the present report we will discuss exactly how much property this actor, who is one of the world, owns.

Will Smith’s name has been mentioned in various debates more than once, but when you look at the amount of wealth he has acquired, everyone’s eyes will be on his forehead. The luxurious life of one of the best actors in the world will surprise everyone. According to statistics, the actor has a net worth of about 350 Million USD, equivalent to about 28 Biillion USD.

Basically, the main part of Will Smith’s income comes from movies, investments and advertising. The actor earns about 49 Million USD a year. According to media reports, between June 2019 and 2020, Smith earned about 45 Million USD from movies alone.

Also, in 1999, Will Smith bought a huge property of about 100 acres in the hilly area between Malibu and Calabasas in California. The value of which is known to be about 8.5 Million USD dollars. He also bought a multi-home property in 2015 for 10 Million USD.

In addition, according to media reports, in September 2021, the actor spent ১১ 11 Million USD on a 10,000-square-foot home in Hidden Hills, California.

Most importantly, Will Smith also owns a luxury 22-wheeled motor home. It has almost everything comfortable. It is learned that Smith had to spend around Rs 16.7 crore for this motor home.