Former US President Donald Trump has hinted at contesting the 2024 elections. The former US president says he can run in the next election. So far, however, Trump has not made any official announcement in this regard. In a report, the Indian media ANI has given such information.

“I’ve run twice, I’ve won twice,” he told supporters in Selma, North Carolina, on Saturday (April 9). But I did better the second time than the first. I may have to do this (selection) again. Does anyone want to run with me this time?

Earlier, in January 2021, he told Fox News that he had the support to run for president in 2024. “I am the only person who has been impeached, with growing public support.”

At the time, Donald Trump was critical of his party leaders, saying “Republicans are very polite, they can only hurt people in their own party.”

Trump received 232 electoral votes in the last election, and Joe Biden was elected president with 306 votes. Despite losing the election, Trump made a lot of fuss. He has been claiming victory even after the defeat in the election.

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