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Watch Garnet Valley vs St. Joseph’s Prep Live PIAA Football Championship – 6A Online Info, In Dec 3, 2022

Today Garnet Valley and St. Joseph’s Prep first played each other in football. The game initially featured only Garnet Valley’s football team, but it expanded to include the entire Garnet Valley athletic association. At the end of the one-day game, Garnet Valley had won by a score of 103-4. Over time, the football rivalry between Garnet Valley and St. Joe’s Prep solidified into a bitter national championship contest between 6A schools.

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Pennsylvania High School Football
Dates: Saturday, December 3, 2022
Time: 1pm ET
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To get started, the rivalry between Garnet Valley and St. Joe’s Prep got started in 1904 when Garnet Valley’s athletic association challenged St. Joe’s Prep to a one-day football match. Although Garnet Valley came first in its community that year, St. Joe’s Prep proved to be more competitive and won the game by a score of 5-4. From that point onward, the rivalry between Garnet Valley and St. Joe’s Prep solidified into a bitter national championship contest between 6A schools.

Both schools hail from La Plata County, which was once part of the state of Maryland. The towns of New Castle and La Plata sit side by side in eastern Pennsylvania; however, they have very different histories. New Castle was an important location during the Civil War as it hosted both Union and Confederate troops. After the war concluded, the troops dispersed to their respective communities and ships for their destination abroad. While overseas, some of the soldiers helped their countries fight against Germany in World War I. In addition to its historic significance, New Castle hosts its annual Civil War reenactment through town residents dressed like Confederate and Union soldiers.

In addition to its rich history, Garnet Valley plays at Franklin Field – also known as ‘The Palestra.’ Originally constructed in 1953 by Architect Reinhold Veblger as part of a project funded by the University of Pennsylvania, The Palestra now seats 5,300 fans. The basketball team currently plays at the Palestra but will move into the university’s new Athletics built in 2015 upon its completion next fall season. In addition to hosting basketball games, The Palestra serves as host for volleyball and wrestling matches as well as other university events and functions throughout the year.

Compared to many football games on television these days, Garnet Valley vs St. Joe’s Prep has garnered national attention for its brutality back in the early 2000s when both teams were still very competitive. The two teams have met 15 times since 1904 with Garnet Valley leading 11-2 at this point in their history. The football games between Garnet Valley and St. Joe’s Prep have been nationally televised via ESPNU on several occasions in recent years due to their exceptional play quality and fierce competition between both teams’ best players.(1)

At this point in their rivalry history, Garnet Valley leads 11-2 against St. Joe’s Prep in football matches since 1904 with both teams having won several state championships since then as well. As one of the oldest rivalries in Pennsylvania history, this brutal contest will hopefully continue until one team reaches victory or draws level with victory through a tie-breaker at some point down the road.

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