Deputation has informed the UGT and the CCOO about the application of the 6.5% increase in the salary of the assistants of home help according to the CPI.

During today’s session, the Vice President of Economic and Social Innovation, Juan Antonio García, held a meeting with representatives of the UGT, at the request of the union itself, to inform them about the agreement reached by the Huelva Provincial Council, at the request of the assistants of the Home Help Service (SAD), with the company MACROSAD, current entity awarded this service, to guarantee the best salary conditions for the workers and make effective the sentence of a 6.5% salary increase for the assistants , according to the rise in the IPC.

Previously, an agreement had been reached with this winning company for a 2% increase in the workers’ salaries. This increase “will now be complemented by a new increase of 4.5% until reaching that 6.5%; Said regularization from January to August will be reflected effectively in the next month of September and, from September, they will receive their salary with this increase, ”said the vice president of the provincial institution.

Salary increase for assistants


Subsequently, the vice president has met with members of the CCOO union to transfer the same information.

After analyzing the current situation of the SAD, the Andalusian councils have asked the Junta de Andalucía for the need to increase the price/hour of this Service to ensure its viability, guaranteeing the quality and better provision of this service to users and better working conditions for auxiliary staff.

The provincial institutions demand that the Andalusian government assume the real price of the SAD for the benefit of the professionals in the sector, share the concern about the employment situation of these professionals and demand that the Board update the price/hour, as well as other demands that allow them to improve their quality