The Civil Guard intervenes 989 counterfeit sportswear, with logos of original brands, on the Almonte beach of Matalascañas. The items were transported inside a vehicle for sale in the coastal town. The Benemérita investigates two people for their alleged involvement in a crime Against Industrial Property.

The events occurred when agents of the Fiscal and Border Patrol of the Civil Guard of Matalascañas, who carried out their own specialty service to prevent crimes related to fraud and piracy, due to the increase in this type of crime in the summer season with the increase in tourism and street vending, and they stopped a car, occupied by two people.

After identifying its occupants and inspecting the interior of the vehicle, the agents were struck by the existence of large plastic bags both in the rear seats and in the trunk, for which they asked these people to show their contents, and numerous were found. garments corresponding to top-level soccer teams, as well as national teams, all from numerous prestigious brands, reaching the conclusion that they were counterfeit garments.

Requested from their owners the purchase invoices or document that proves the authorization of the brands for the sale of these garments or, where appropriate, to know their origin, they stated that they lacked any document that would support the sale and circulation of the same.

Intervention of garments

For all these reasons, the garments were intervened and the corresponding reports filed as investigated.

A total of 989 garments with identical logos of the original brands have been intervened, including football shirts and pants.

Citizens are reminded that the buying and selling of fake products seriously harms the commerce sector, in addition to affecting the quality of the products we acquire, since these may not have passed any type of control.