CCOO Habitat Huelva has denounced the company Isla Canela SA before the labor inspectorate for not complying with the intensive day established in construction. The union assures in a press release that it has verified ‘in situ’ how this company exceeds its hours, putting the health of the workers at risk.

The Secretary of Habitat, Gerardo Fernández, has stressed that “since the intensive working day came into force, we have denounced a dozen companies.” CCOO Habitat Huelva has been monitoring since last June informing on site that companies comply with the construction calendar, in force until August 18

CCOO, through the Huelva Habitat federation, has denounced the Isla Canela SA company for non-compliance with the intensive working day established in the construction sector. Since as they have been able to verify, in situ, this union “the workers of this company continue to carry out their activity after 3:00 p.m., breaching the agreement and seriously endangering the health of the workers.”

In this sense, the organization secretary of CCOO Hábitat Huelva, Gerardo Fernández, has made it clear that “we will not tolerate people’s lives being put at risk, because companies like these put economic and organizational interests before the worker safety”

Fernández has pointed out that “the company Isla Canela SA, responsible for and promoter of the work, located in Ayamonte, and other subcontracted companies, have ignored the construction calendar of the province of Huelva, in force between 13 June and August 18 in which it is stipulated that the works close at three in the afternoon” emphasizing that “in the heat wave the workers continued to carry out their work activity being exposed to accidents due to heat stroke”

Likewise, the person in charge of Habitat Huelva highlighted that from this organization we have been visiting works throughout the province, making sure that the schedule established in the calendar is complied with and has underlined that “just a few days ago the union visited the work of the denounced company leaving information on the schedule they must abide by”

CCOO, for prevention

From the union, we maintain that “the intensive shift is a preventive measure, which tries to watch over the workers and avoid, as far as possible, that they are subjected to the serious danger of heat stroke.

Finally, CCOO Hábitat Huelva has stated that “so far this intensive working day, the union has filed a dozen complaints against construction companies for non-compliance with working hours.”