Groups from ten countries will meet this year at the Villablanca Dance Festivalwhose presentation of the poster and the programming of its 41 edition It took place on Friday night, in the municipality’s Plaza de la Constitución.

This presentation wanted to take place in this emblematic space, given that it is the place that has hosted the dance contest since its origins, and that in a few days it will receive groups from Poland, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Senegal, Costa Rica, Spain, Bosnia. Argentina and Indonesia.

On this occasion, the poster has been designed by Daniela García Bautista, from Garbau Marketing, who emphasizes that one of the objectives that has been pursued has been to give visibility to the success of the International Dance Festival, which is not only the show and enjoy the different groups, if not, linking the cultures of the different countries, this poster being a living image of this very special edition.

The Festival, also in 7 more locations

The Festival will take place from August 22 to 28, dates on which, due to its itinerant nature, it will take traditional folklore to towns such as Palos de la Frontera, Bonares, Almonaster, Villanueva de los Castillejos, Zalamea, Faro and Moncarapacho, these two in neighboring Portugal; celebrating the central days in Villablanca, on August 25 and 26.

The mayor of Villablanca wanted to remember how this festival year after year is possible thanks to the effort and support of the entire town, which since the first editions has been unconditionally dedicated, even opening the doors of their houses to welcome the members of the groups from numerous countries; without ever having imported the language, the culture, the creed, …because this municipality is a guarantor of tolerance and hospitality.

And this is the thread that in this edition has pursued that a European country, such as Poland, be present among us, acknowledging the spirit of solidarity that it has shown and continues to show with its Ukrainian neighbors, welcoming them to their land in times as hard as which Europe is experiencing at the moment.

And perhaps this is one of the great reasons that drive the Festival, to claim the importance of culture, respect and tolerance among peoples.

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