The Andalusian parliamentarian for the PSOE of HuelvaSusana Rivas, has demanded this Friday that the Board lower the price of the bus ticket by 30 percent, as a “complement” measure to the decree on energy saving approved by the Government and, thus, “the residents of the regions of the Mining Basin, the Sierra and El Andévalo can also benefit”.

This has been manifested Susan Rivaswho was accompanied by the mayor of El Campillo, Juan Carlos Jiménez Pineda, at the gates of the Huelva bus station, where he explained that due to the situation of the hydrocarbon crisis and the increase in inflation, the central government has approved Royal Decree Law 11/2022 in which a series of anti-crisis measures are developed that “will benefit the working middle classes that are suffering this crisis more virulently.”

Among them, one of the measures contemplated is aid for public transport, which “will be in force between September 1 and December 31”, it is a 30 percent reduction in the price of tickets.

“A citizen traveling to Isla Cristina would cost a bus ticket more than four euros, but with the reduction measure it would be 2.2 euros, with the Transport Consortium card, or 1.59 euros, with the Youth Card. . Therefore, it is a very important measure for citizens”, Susana Rivas has detailed.

Precisely, the parliamentarian has assured that these measures are “fundamental” for the residents of the regions of the Sierra, the Mining Basin and El Andévalo and “the socialist mayors have also wanted to demand that the Board complement these initiatives.”

In this way, Susana Rivas Rivas has requested that, “as a complementary measure to those already approved by the Government”, the Board “apply another 30 percent reduction so that the citizens of these territories also benefit.”

lower the price of the bus

“The Government of Moreno Bonilla must stop profiling itself, lying and asserting that they do not have funds to carry out these proposals. Something that is a lie because, precisely, it has received 1,881 million euros for anti-crisis measures. So it is time for them to stop opposing the central government and start governing », he criticized.

Likewise, the socialist has stressed that these measures are “very important” also to “encourage public transport and with it the reduction of the carbon footprint and respect for the environment.”