The Social Center and Club of Pensioners Cristina Pinedo recovers its bar-cafeteria service, for which the Mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, together with the Councilor for Social Policies, María José Pulido, have participated in the inaugural party of the cafeteria-bar of the Social center and Cristina Pinedo Pensioners Club.

With his presence, Gabriel Cruz, wanted to accompany and share with users “the end of a long wait, due to the need for a change of ownership of the premises, resolution of the concession of the service and other procedures that we undertook to resolve, aware of the importance of this space to promote the coexistence of all residents and especially the elderly in this area of ​​Huelva”.

The facilities, which have been rehabilitated and improved, are in charge of Iván Giraldo, Huelva-born with experience in the hotel industry, under the commitment to offer good treatment, quality and economic prices, as well as specially designed activities and in consensus with the elderly, to turn the premises back into a focus of attraction and promote citizen participation in the activities of the Social Center.

Change of ownership of the Cristina Pinedo bar

The reopening of the cafeteria has meant the change of ownership by the Junta de Andalucía to the Huelva City Council, and the public tender for a new concession that would guarantee its start-up.

After the inauguration ceremony, next Monday, August 8, some facilities will be opened for which the mayor of Huelva has congratulated the users, and especially Jacinto Benítez, president of the Board of Directors of the Pensioner’s Club, “for his staunch defense of a space that governs the social life of the Center, providing a fundamental service to promote the quality of life and socialization of the elderly”.