The Columbian Festivals 2022“those of the reunion, expected and desired”, concluded last Wednesday night with a great show of Fireworks and a balance that has exceeded the expectations of the Huelva City Councilof the city and the Huelva people themselves, beating attendance and safety record.

Undoubtedly yesterday, with the new fireworks show, was the busiest, as has been verified both in the booths, the attractions and the parking area due to the outstanding influx of Huelva residents and visitors; followed by the day on Saturday, coinciding with the concert of the British group Texas, who competed in audience with Fangoria.

The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, has been “proud of Huelva and Huelva, for some Colombinas who have fulfilled all expectations because the main objective was to respond to the desire and the illusion that we had to return to enjoy our parties after some very hard years, of total absence, that we have been able to live with joy and above all with tranquility and security”.

In this way, the mayor of Huelva has pointed out that “we from Huelva are proud of the Columbian deed, of the greatness, the nobility and generosity of a city and some citizens who feel identified with festivals loaded with symbolism that reflect the being , the feeling and the hospitality of the people of Huelva”.

Some parties that despite breaking attendance records, among other things, as the mayor has assured “because the best cycle of concerts in the history of Las Colombinas has been offered, both in the new stages, and in the municipal booth, achieving absolutely full every day” has been “an example of security without incidents to be regretted and with less health assistance than ever” as a result, the mayor highlighted the “coordination effort made from the different municipal areas so that both citizens and those who have visited us have fully enjoyed some Colombinas that are characterized by being quiet, family parties and open to everyone”.

Colombinas 2022: Balance of security

Likewise, the good functioning of the Colombinas 2022 Self-Protection, Security and Emergency Plan stands out, with effective coverage by the coordinated Civil Protection, Police, Traffic and Fire Departments, both at the fairgrounds and at the accesses to it. .

A daily average of 90 Local Police officers patrolled the interior of the premises and the surroundings, offering a rapid response to the needs and situations that arose. Civil Protection has had an average of 15 volunteers these days, plus a doctor and two nurses; while Firefighters moved 6 troops to the site, staffing increased by 4 officials on the day of the fireworks.

In total, 126 healthcare visits were carried out, with 10 transfers to hospital. It is noteworthy that it is the lowest attendance figure in recent years, registering 176 in 2019, 185 in 2018, or 175 in 2017.

The distribution of bracelets to identify lost children has once again been a resounding success. As usual, numerous parents went to Civil Protection to collect these bracelets, distributing a total of 476. In addition to 1,015 masks for use in collective transport (bus and taxi) by users, due to the mandatory nature of these as a consequence of COVID-19 measures.