the art gallery John Holland Gallery opens this Saturday August 6 in Lepe, with the ‘Realismos’ collection by Mato Ansorena.

Located in a historic art nouveau-style house on Calle Real 26, restored by the well-known lepero-born painter Santana and the American gallery owner John Holland, it will open its doors soon to show the different pictorial movements in a first stage. #LepeCulture #JohnHollandGallery #Santana #MatoAsorena #Realism

Lepe City Council congratulates the art gallery John Holland Gallery and its promoters, the internationally renowned painter Santana and the local American gallery owner John Holland, for the magnificent and pioneering cultural initiative in the municipality. John Holland Gallery opens its doors next Saturday, August 6 and the official opening will take place from 9:30 p.m.

It is an ambitious private project that is already a reality, a new and genuine cultural space dedicated to art, which is located in a spectacular historic art nouveau-style house located on Calle Real, 26 de Lepe, carefully restored respecting elements of its original architecture and adapting it to its new use as an art gallery. Located in the urban center of the city, it will be part of the activity of the “Pintor Santana” Cultural Association for the dissemination of plastic arts in Lepe and the province of Huelva.

The gallery is a non-profit project, with an initial stage of a year and a half to show the different pictorial movements (Realism, Surrealism, Geometric Art, Expressionism, Abstract Art, etc). To do this, it will collaborate with prestigious art galleries in Madrid, specialized in these movements, and they will act as curators of the exhibitions. In a second stage, it will show private art collections and in a third stage, it will house individual exhibitions of artists who have stood out in different styles.

The “Pintor Santana” Cultural Association is made up of, among others, the painter Enrique Romero Santana himself, an artist of recognized prestige and Medal of Andalusia in 2001 and Gold Medal of the City of Lepe in 2000, among many other distinctions; with works in public and private collections from Helsinki to San Francisco, especially Chicago and presence in the most prestigious galleries and art fairs in Europe and America. John Holland, an expert in marketing and commercial strategies in one of the largest communication companies in the world, lives in Lepe and launches this interesting cultural project, with a didactic and informative nature, to promote the plastic arts. John Holland Gallery will open its doors soon in the town with free admission for the general public.

John Holland Gallery opens with the exhibition “Realisms” from the Mato Ansorena collection, which highlights the realism that is done in Spain, which is one of the most genuinely original aesthetic phenomena in the chronicle of our latest current art. The collection shows the soul of the collector behind it, his passions and his wishes, in this case, the Ansorena Art Gallery and, more specifically, its director, Cristina Mato García – Ansorena. This set of works focuses on the artists who in one way or another have had a relationship with Ansorena, therefore, some relevant names of Realism are missing, but it is still representative of an artistic trend that extends over time in more than fifty years and spans four different generations so far.

Ansorena is a family business founded in 1845 dedicated to the world of jewelry and art. The contemporary art gallery was inaugurated in 1986, but it was not until 1988 that the room began to focus its exhibitions on Realism, with the arrival of the one who has been its director since then and until today. Realistic artists seek the essence of reality, but there is no specific school; they do not form a group. The only true connection is that they are authors who have chosen a form of language, realism, which in turn has several dialects that make up a plural universe.

New gallery in Lepe

In the exhibition “Realisms” by Mato Ansorena that will be shown at the John Holland Gallery, there will be, among many others, great painters and sculptors such as Xavier Rodés, Adria Pina, Jesús Curiá, Santiago Costales, José María Cuasante, Antonio Maya, Miguel Coronado, Carlos Vega Faúndez, Joaquín Millán, Florencio Galindo, Coro López – Izquierdo, Alwin Van der Linde, Dino Valls, Álvaro Toledo, Carlos Díez Bustos, Joaquín Ureña, Julio López Hernández, David Morago Caro, Luis Mayo, Juan Luque, José Luis Resino Carlos Goncalvez, Guillermo Muñoz Vera, Julio López Hernández, Matías Quetglas, Eloy Morales, Gerardo Pita, Pedro Martínez Sierra, Alfonso Galván, Guillermo Oyágüez, José Mosquera, José María Mezquita and Jorge Gallego; as well as Enrique Romero Santana himself. On the occasion of the inauguration, the house also has works by Huelva-born artist Víctor Pulido in its patio.