In reading recommended today we bring the novel ‘Los renegados’, by Vicente Sánchez Cuadrado, an enormous writer who, as the editorial Caligrama assures, «will no longer be forgotten»

Editorial Calligram rescues Los renegados, a masterly novel that speaks of the Spanish post-war within a sui generis magical realism and is signed by a veteran Salamanca professor and former director of the Flor de Autumn theater group.

Let’s give some examples: Stieg Larsson, John Kennedy Toole, Roberto Bolaño, Iréne Némirovsky, Salvador Benesdra, Witold Gombrowicz, Carlo Collodi and Witold Gombrowicz. Here is a handful of (huge) authors who were not recognized until after his death. Such a literary injustice is something that sadly often happens, since there are colossal works that came onto the market at a time when the taste of the general public was prowling in other directions, or that did not have good sponsors and were met with silence. as the only response to your proposal. Or even more: that they never even saw the light of day as published works. That’s how thankless the writing profession can be.

Vicente Sánchez Cuadrado (Beleña, Salamanca, 1953) cannot be classified as a writer known by the general public. Not yet. However, the work that is now being released by Editorial Caligrama, entitled Los renegados, deserves to be placed on the podium of the chosen ones.

History will judge him. Costumbrismo and a kind of what we could call traditional magical realism are mixed in a plot that places us in the Spanish postwar period: Rigel’s family emigrates from the countryside to the city, like so many others. He will settle in an abandoned house in a suburb that they call Los Renegados. Rigel’s father, Anselmo, survives with a job as a bricklayer, but his social commitment will put him outside the law. From there, Rigel will take up his claims and present his neighbors with a different neighborhood project: wide boulevards with magnolia trees, a cultural center in the shape of a scarlet ibis, a hospital with slides leading to laughter… and an underground city! !

The history

Let’s take a look inside the pages: «September became slow and leaden in Los Renegados, the beginning of the school year had caused unforeseen expenses in families and reaching the end of the month had traces of epic. Marginalized by the municipal authorities, they lacked the minimum public transport that connected them with the rest of the city to carry out their daily tasks…». Hand of a seasoned writer, there are no doubts.

Sánchez Cuadrado has worked as a national teacher in several primary and adult education centers, has participated in literacy campaigns in the Community of Madrid and has taught Language and Literature classes in secondary schools in the same city. Now his time has come to be read and enjoyed… not only by his lucky students.