Tomorrow, Saturday, the Plaza de las Artes of the cultural center of Punta Umbría hosts the zarzuela ‘The song of oblivion’, by the Andalusian Lyric Theater, at 10:00 p.m. Ticket prices are €17 in advance and €20 at the box office two hours before the show.

‘The song of oblivion’, by maestro José Serrano, is a one-act zarzuela divided into four scenes, with a libretto by Federico Romero Sarachaga and Guillermo Fernández-Shaw Iturralde. The action takes place in the imaginary city of Sorrentinos, in Naples, around the year 1799.

Andalusian Lyric Theater

Andalusian Lyric Theater is the first professional lyrical company in Andalusia, with performances both in the Andalusian Community and in the rest of the Spain and the foreigner. Perform season in theaters of recognized prestige. Such is the case of Cervantes (Málaga), Isabel la Católica (Granada), López Ayala (Badajoz), Líceo de Córdoba and Auditorio Maestro Padilla de Almería, among many others.