The City Council and Brotherhood of the Ribbon sign an agreement for the implementation of the project ‘The treasure of the Virgin‘, with the aim of enhancing and disseminating the artistic and historical heritage of the Sanctuary, adapting it for reception and tourist visits as an exhibition space.

The Mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, and the Elder Brother of the Brotherhood of La Cinta, Esteban Brito, have signed an agreement to launch the project ‘The Treasure of the Virgin’, which seeks to value and disseminate historical heritage of the Sanctuary, adapting it for the reception and tourist visit as an exhibition space.

Cruz has expressed “deep recognition and gratitude, feeling proud of a project of the Governing Board of the Brotherhood of La Cinta that is a gift to Huelva, because it is about facilitating access and visits to a monument, which beyond of the indisputable Cintera devotion, has a historical, cultural, patrimonial, natural value due to the beauty of the environment and sentimental, with enormous tourist projection, which we have to take advantage of”. It is about “taking another step in enhancing the value of the Sanctuary that the Brotherhood is going to carry out with enormous vision and generosity and that from the Huelva City Council we have an obligation to support because it will benefit the city”.

the-treasure-of-the-virgin-of-the-ribbon the-treasure-of-the-virgin-of-the-ribbon the-treasure-of-the-virgin-of-the-ribbonTourist dimension with the Treasure of the Virgin

For his part, Esteban Brito explained that it is about “giving the Sanctuary a tourist dimension with appropriate facilities, expressly enabling them to turn it into a space that can be visited with information, a museum and souvenirs” thanking the City Council for its willingness “with an investment that will result in Huelva”.

The objective of the project is to promote access by citizens to the historical and cultural assets that make up the heritage treasured by the Brotherhood and present in the Sanctuary throughout the centuries. A project financed by the Department of Tourism, Promotion of Huelva Abroad and University of the Huelva City Council, directed by Francisco Baluffo with a budget valued at 105,000 euros.

The actions included in the project include the adaptation of the interior rooms of the Sanctuary for the reception of visitors and tourist visits as an exhibition space; the acquisition and adaptation of the necessary exhibition furniture, including exterior painting of the building and cloister; design and production of interpretive outdoor signage for the visitable complex as well as the content and production of signage exhibition panels and support for tourist visits and informative brochures; in addition to the implementation of an audio guide system to improve accessibility and quality in visits, including the production of an audiovisual presentation of the heritage space as a reception.

The Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Coronada Ribbon is the owner of the property and as such, undertakes to initiate the necessary procedures before the Provincial Heritage Commission of the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage for the approval of the actions foreseen in the project, as it is a heritage space declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, although at no time do they imply any alteration to the building.

For its part, the City Council pursues with this action the promotion of the development and tourist exploitation of the cultural and natural resources of the city of Huelva, by reinforcing the existing tourist products, as well as the development of new ones based on the resources from Huelva.

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Ribbon of Huelva is considered a well-known exponent of the historical-artistic legacy of the city, treasuring an important patrimonial and landscape wealth that makes it the most visited space in the capital with about 50,000 annual visits according to data. prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the last two years, important actions have been carried out to value a space with enormous possibilities that also represents Huelva and all Huelva residents. First the exterior was transformed, the entire environment and then the entrails, the interior gardens, of the house of our Patron, a Diocesan Sanctuary that has its roots in the fifteenth century and forms one of the treasures of our history and heritage.

Some actions that have shown the commitment of the Huelva City Council and the Brotherhood, but also of Huelva, of the involvement of civil society with this enclave, aware of its sentimental and religious value, but also at a heritage level, of image and tourism potential. With this project, a further step is taken in the objective of valuing a Sanctuary, a Site of Cultural Interest with significant potential as a tourist resource, to continue making it known in an accessible, modern and attractive way for the visitor.