Companies specializing in the development of VR solutions are growing more than ever, demonstrating the infinite possibilities of this technology.

From its conception, the virtual realityHe has always been understood as the technology of the future for video game. A tool capable of transporting people to all kinds of worlds without leaving home, to make them feel inside adventures full of possibilities and with unprecedented realism.

But, as with any technological advance, time has only shown that the real possibilities of VR cannot be limited to the field of leisure. Although it is in the ludic where it has become more known and where it has achieved more fame, the current reality is showing that it is a solution that can even be used to treat diseases.

It’s not a movie approach, it’s something we can already see in the world around us. There are more and more companies specializing in the development of solutions for both VR and AR (Augmented Reality, projection of virtual images on real environments) that are offering all kinds of specialized solutions in concepts such as virtual tour and virtual reality.

What sectors can take advantage of VR?

It is precisely thanks to rise of these companiesand the provision of more VR headsets at reduced prices, so we find solutions that use this type of technology on the most disparate fronts.

One of the most common cases is the real estate. In order not to force those interested in buying or renting a home to go to it, they provide them with the possibility of taking virtual tours of the property without leaving home. Others, on the other hand, allow construction projects to be seen as if they were finished so that buyers can see what the final finish would look like.

and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Health specialists are beginning to study the use of VR solutions for the treatment of neurological problems or for the recovery of mobility in certain parts of the body. Through simple exercises in virtual environments, they can help their patients improve their mobility.

It goes without saying that one of the fronts that most wants to take advantage of this technology is the metaverse. Mainly coined as a result of VR, it wants to offer the world new digital experiences in an alternative world, a totally virtual and online one in which there are no physical barriers and all kinds of situations can be experienced.

It is something that is still taking its first steps, but that promises gigantic potential. Large companies like Meta, before Facebookk, have already made the leap and announced their total turnaround on that front. Something positive also for VR devices, since the need to attract more users to this field and the advances in its technology are allowing their prices to become cheaper.

Y The best is yet to come. With the improvement of Virtual Reality solutions, an increasingly more precise transfer of our real movements is achieved, which little by little makes these virtual worlds more and more similar to real ones, not only by appearance, but by interactivity.

Health, real estate, even machine training or drills in harsh environments. The possibilities are enormous, and VR is allowing us to explore all these fronts with previously unthinkable tools.