The company Giahsa has announced the start of the water restrictions in Jabugo, as well as an additional cut in the schedule in Cumbres Mayores this Saturday, in a timely manner, in order to recover the appropriate levels.

Water cuts in Jabugo

In the case of Jabugo, Giahsa explains that “in view of the drastic drop in the levels of the reserves that supply the nucleus of Jabugo (not in its villages, at the moment), in a very marked way during this same afternoon (for yesterday Friday), and once the action with the City Council has been informed and agreed, there is no other solution than to start with the water restrictions starting this morning.

In this way, and in the time slot that includes from twelve at night to seven in the morning, the supply will be suspended until further notice.

Additional cut in Cumbres Mayores

In the case of Cumbres Mayores, Giahsa indicates that “due to the sharp drop in reserves, and despite the work to recover the level and the restrictions applied, it is necessary to cut off the supply to the population of Cumbres Mayores after 6 p.m. hours today Saturday, in order to restore the appropriate levels.

We clarify that it is a punctual supply cut; Once the levels in the deposit are recovered, the normal hours of restrictions in the municipality will be applied again, that is, from 10 at night to 7 in the morning.

From Giahsa the collaboration of citizens is requested: «As always, we reiterate the collaboration of all when it comes to having responsible consumption guidelines and not using water for uses that are not strictly necessary. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience”.