The Employment Counseling On July 12, the term for the presentation of employment promotion projects was opened by local entities, charged to the Youth Plan Now which has an initial item of 7,677,000 euros for its execution in the province of Huelva. Once the deadline for the call has ended, the Provincial Directorate of the Andalusian Employment Service, SAE, in Huelva has received 80 employment projects from 78 municipalities and the two autonomous local entities, ELA, with which the province of Huelva has, leaving the consistories of the capital (for not presenting project) and Canaveral of Leon (due to the impossibility of correctly validating your proposal).

The Territorial Delegate for Employment, Antonio Augustín, has expressed his satisfaction “for the positive response from practically all of the Huelva town councils, still aware of the short period of time to present the projects” and has reported that “a total of 651 unemployed young people from Huelva will be hired in their municipalities from September thanks to Young Now.

The program of the Ministry of Employment, Companies and Self-Employed Workers of the Junta de Andalucía aims to encourage hiring and improve employability in the group between 18 and 29 years old, highly affected by the crisis and facing difficulties labor market in a starting situation of greater vulnerability due to their lack of professional experience. The provincial amount of the projects reaches 5,859,000 euros.”

In this way, the 78 participating municipalities and the two ELA will have an advance incentive of 9,000 euros for each contract they carry out (in the fixed-term contract modality), for a period of six months full-time, for contribution groups from 4 to 10, within the framework of projects of different works or services.

These projects will have a maximum duration of 8 months, a period during which the targeted young people will receive tutoring and will have specialized guidance actions offered by professionals from the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE). Under this program, young people registered as job seekers not employed in the SAE, aged between 18 and 29, both inclusive, who are registered in the file of the National Youth Guarantee System, may be hired.

combat youth unemployment

'Young Now' will allow hiring 651 unemployed people from Huelva

Antonio Augustín has underlined that “with ‘Young Now’ the necessary support and attention is sought for the young unemployed at the same time as for the municipality, which is in need of labor to improve any of its public services. The benefits of this special plan go two ways, because in addition to giving young people the opportunity to acquire work experience linked to an occupation, which in many cases will be their first, the jobs they do will be very beneficial for the participating localities.

Among the most significant amounts, due to the volume of hiring and the assigned incentive, stands out that of the City Council of the Huelva capital to which the Ministry of Employment had allocated 1,800,000 euros for the hiring of a total of 200 unemployed young people but that has remained deserted due to the lack of projects presented.

Other local entities such as the Lepe Town Hall follow in this order, with an allocated budget of 432,000 euros for the hiring of 48 young people who will participate in up to 22 different measures related to administrative tasks of filing, electronic administration, citizen services and human resources, local development, the promotion of the educational area with the proportion to minors, aged between 4 and 12 years, a varied learning of concepts and skills related to coexistence, education in values, gender equality, games, leisure, sport and culture. Another important part will go to the conditioning and cleaning of public roads and garden areas.

The municipality of Almonte will put into operation five large measures that have a subsidy of 360,000 euros of budget for the insertion of 40 young people with the performance of tasks related to the execution of works that allow the recovery, restoration and adaptation of public facilities, the recovery and adaptation of landscaped areas, including preventive actions for accidents caused by large tree falls, in order to guarantee safety in use and public transit, the extraordinary painting project for waterproofing and beautifying facilities and public spaces for its recovery and restoration, the cleaning and disinfection of infrastructure and public facilities, recovering the health conditions on public roads, walks, squares and other spaces, as well as carrying out an update of the municipal public lighting inventory for its replacement.

The municipality of Moguer, whose amount granted is 333,000 euros, will allow the hiring of 37 unemployed under two large areas of work. On the one hand, everything related to the adaptation and improvement of accessibility in parks and green areas of Moguer and Mazagón, so that the parks and green areas are adapted to the accessibility regulations and the elimination of architectural barriers, and, on the other hand, , the elimination and control of invasive exotic species that compete with other native species and are beneficial for the ecological balance in the parks and green areas of Moguer and Mazagón.

The town of Isla Cristina, with an award of 306,000 euros, has planned to carry out up to nine different actions for which its council is going to hire 34 young people who will provide a service to users of municipal facilities, through maintenance and revision of the same to optimize their performance. An important part will be dedicated to the Department of Citizen Attention, Social Services and Citizen Security, as well as the undertaking of specific measures to support the schooling of Early Childhood Education students, digital operability and the “Young and Dynamic” project to encourage the connection between young people, through healthy leisure, prevention and alternative activities.

Finally, the town of Cartaya closes the order of most significant amounts, which will put into operation up to five major actions and for which it has 297,000 euros that may benefit the employment of 33 young people in tasks related to the revaluation of its squares, streets , parks and public spaces of the three population centers (Cartaya, El Rompido and Nuevo Portil), applying improvements in horizontal and vertical signage, general maintenance of municipal buildings, assembly and disassembly of elements for events, acts and public spaces.

On the other hand, these young people will carry out support tasks in the promotion of local tourism and tourist routes, promotion and information actions for the young people of the municipality, as well as services for citizens, with work of information and attention to citizens, procedures that they need to carry out with the local administration and actions to improve the employability of their job seekers.

Presentation of offers to the SAE

The participating municipalities and local entities will be responsible for carrying out the hiring, through an offer of employment in the SAE adjusted to the requirements of the jobs contemplated in their project. For its part, the SAE will provide the entity with two candidates for each job requested, in accordance with priority criteria.

When there are no people who meet the requirements of the offer in the municipality, the search will be extended to the scope of the Territorial Area of ​​Employment corresponding to the province or the autonomous community, applying the previous priority criteria. The Provincial Directorate of the SAE in Huelva plans to resolve all the files during the month of August so that the local entities can begin to present their respective job offers at the SAE offices and they proceed to carry out the respective surveys upon receiving the notification.